The Brick & Mortar Collective (a.k.a. Brick House) is a nonprofit housing co-operative association in Detroit, MI. The organization was formed by a group of individuals inspired by the co-op houses of the Inter Co-operative Council of Ann Arbor. We are now an affiliate organization of the Charlevoix Villages Association, and work in pursuit of creating community spaces which are owned, run, and held accountable to their communities. Our mission is to provide affordable room and board to artists, activists, educators, students, and community builders, as well as community resources such as meeting space, workshop space, and library and computer access in our future home on the East Side . Though currently renting a large house on Taylor St, the Brick and Mortar Collective is in the process of renovating a duplex on the East Side of Detroit that was purchased over the summer of 2015. We are fundraising to for renovation supplies and to pay professionals for the repairs we can’t do ourselves (heat, electrical, and roof repairs).

We are aspiring feminist, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist organizations. We work to manifest these values in our standing rules, application procedure, meeting structure and organizational culture. We do not simply want to live affordably in Detroit, we want to be part of the process of collaboration, resistance and  building meaningful, impactful connections in the city. We value art, education,  sustainability and solidarity. Group discussions on politics are commonplace and we seek to push ourselves and encourage one another to be better people everyday. We aim for our spaces to not only house members, but also community meeting spaces, small scale libraries, computer services, workshop stations and more!

Housing Cooperative?

A housing cooperative is a collectively-owned, democratically-run living space in which the residents or members are also the owners of the property. Each member owns a share of the house and has a single vote in all house decisions. By living together, often in a single unit, co-opers are able to save money by socializing the cost of utilities, food, and shared amenities. Members contribute to the house by paying a regular fee, doing an equal share of housework each week, supporting their fellow members and serving communities with which the co-op resides. Through processes of group decision making and conflict resolution, members work towards establishing strong bonds of trust with their fellow co-opers that make living together fun and productive.




The Members of the Brick and Mortar Collective include artists, activists, organizers, students, and educators. They believe in collaboration and cooperative living, and aspire for the Brick and Mortar Collective to be a welcoming and educational place for members and non members alike to find solidarity in social justice causes, creative thinking, sustainability, and a dependable community.